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Care este trandul pentru obiectele sanitare in anul 2023?

Termostatele inteligente nu sunt doar o modalitate mai sofisticată de a controla temperatura casei tale. Termostatele inteligente moderne vă permit un control mult mai mare asupra temperaturii și umidității interioare decât ar putea face orice termostat convențional. Acest control sporit vă va ajuta să economisiți bani la energie, să vă folosiți HVAC-ul mai eficient și să trăiți mai confortabil.

The infamous toilet paper shortage occurring all over America is a natural consequence of the quarantine. It’s also probably not ending any time soon. Unless you luck out, you may.

- Donna Behrens, Homeowner

They Save You Money

Perhaps ironically, the single biggest reason to invest in a Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat is to save money. The manufacturers of the Nest thermostat say that you can save 15 percent on cooling costs and over 10 percent on heating costs with one of their devices.

Considering that smart thermostats aren’t too expensive to install in the first place, these savings are a big deal. The money you save on HVAC power costs will essentially pay for the thermostat quickly, and then some!

They’re Simply Easier to Use

If you want to use your traditional thermostat, you have to interface with the device directly. When you get there, you’ll find your options are quite limited. You can turn up and down the temperature, but you can’t interact with your HVAC in any other way.

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